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buffet-3Commentary & Stories

  • Reactions to News Headlines or Published Stories/ Work from other people and sources than this blog or its author.

Crime & Criminology

  • Everything relating to law and order; the court and legal system; criminal cases and incidents; violence and human rights abuse.


  • Think ‘the workplace, unemployment, joblessness, employee rights, contracts and other documents, qualifications, issues and challenges,career guidance, professional development.

Governance & Politics

  • Leadership, Debate, War and Defence, Home & Foreign Policy, Presidency, Elections, Democracy, States, and more.

Guest Articles

  • Work by another author who would wish to contribute to the content of this blog.

History & Philosophy

  • Pluto, Aristotle, Francis Bacon, and friends; Famous Speeches; Significant events and periods; Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and the Islands.


  • The School environment, curriculum, controversies, higher education/ universities, children in school, issues and challenges, the pros and cons of the system, options to education; career guidancce.

Public Relations & Business

  • Issues and challenges; trends and developments; tips; crises and image building; publicity, online and global presence

Society & Family

  • Globalisation, social media, morals, trends, parenting, separation, culture, language, food, and more.

Technology & Science

  • The computer, internet, auto mobiles, oceanography, space, robots, geography, electronics, and more.

The Arts

  • Poetry, Writing, Reading, Movies, Animations, Dance, Music, Auditions, Covers, Drawings, Paintings, Grafitti, Sculpturing, Clay Moulding, Photography, and more.

Travel: African Safaris

  • Beautiful, Amazing, Unique places and destinations in Uganda, East Africa and the entire continent of Africa that could be great choices for your travel, vacation and adventurous needs. A few reviews here and there.

Wild & Unusual

  • Birds, Animals, Space, Nature (in general)
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