If it helps for you to know– I have been there! And I loved every moment of it!

The place is amazingly dreamy, beautiful, unique, and homely. The people are friendly and warm.

The entire experience is beyond magical.

The mornings are refreshing, daytime is great, the evenings are royal, the nights are magnificent.

Your childish side will be inspired as the adventurous explorer in you will smile with exceeding contentment.

I warn it’s a not a place for just anyone— you must love nature, authenticity, uniqueness, and have a sense of the ‘wild’ otherwise you might feel ‘bored’. Sure nothing is perfect but let’s see if you will still think that after you have had the enchanting Malakai experience.

Believe you me–I never wanted to leave (checkout), and now it’s been over a year and I still reminisce. Surprise surprise–the owners are hands on with everything at Malakai and the husband is instrumental when it comes to finding new ideas and actually making them a reality.

If everything else ‘fails’ to excite you then at least the bark cloth chairs will do the trick, the bamboo and stone beds, the ‘cheap’ rates, the tree houses, the rocky walls (Volcanic hut) the fish ponds and lots of fish, the crickety night-time orchestra, …. Just get there (pssst..don’t forget to carry your camera along and a story book if you like). When you return you will understand why it’s hard for me to write a lengthy article about Malakai–it’s easier to ‘show’ and better if ‘you experience it on your own’.

You can’t describe it fully, you must experience it to know it. Waiting to hear from you when you get there